Photo Restoration

I offer a photo restoration and enlargement service. Over time pictures may fade and become indistinct. They can be torn or folded or damaged by water. Working from photographs, negatives or transparencies, damaged or faded images can be given new life. I can mount and frame the final result for you if you wish. Pictures can be left with a sepia tone to preserve some of the original character or converted to a clean monochrome image. Prices are £15 to include a 5x7" print, £20 for an A4 sized print, and £15 and £20 extra respectively if framing required. Your original photograph remains untouched of course.

This photo had faded and taken on a very wrong colour cast. The colour and contrast can be restored to what it should be.

The challenge with this photo was to bring a little more clarity to the girl's features, and some greater definition to the man. Also to remove creases, correct varying levels of exposure, and repair areas that had become discoloured or dirty.

I was recently given the opportunity of restoring this great photograph. Taken near South Beach, Heacham, just over sixty years ago, it shows many of the children of the village. It was a great privilege to able to look into the past in this way and fascinating to see all the varied expressions on the faces of the children. Many of the girls have ribbons in their hair and there is a pair of twins at the bottom right, just above the embossed legend "RAY'S HEACHAM." There were several tears and folds to repair, and an awful lot of smaller imperfections, scratches and and so on.