“I am a Norfolk man and glory in being so.”
Horatio Nelson.

These well known words were spoken by Norfolk’s most famous son and perhaps England’s greatest hero, but they express a sentiment that is doubtless shared by many, more humble Norfolk people. The Norfolk character is stoical and stout, resistant to change and mistrustful of that which seems grand or ostentatious. Yet there is no shortage of Norfolk humour and soft charm.

Large areas of the landscape are dominated by water and sky, at both the Broads and the coastal marshes, where there is still a joyful sense of unspoilt wildness. The sights, sounds and smells of the marshes are evocative of mysterious histories and the lonely creeks are traces of man’s interplay with the water and with nature. Overarching all is the broad, uninterrupted sweep of the ever-changing, majestic sky.

My name is Stuart Aylmer and I am a 46 year old Norfolk photographer, living and working on the Northwest coast. My father was a landscape painter who sailed the world with Wells quay as his origin. So the fascination with the coastal landscape and the attempt to portray it are in my blood perhaps. It may be an impossible task to capture the essence of the Norfolk coast with a camera but I am trying to evoke some part of its character and depict Norfolk’s unique light. If others can recognise this in my work then so much the better.

“In that country of luminous landscapes and wide horizons where the wind runs in the reeds and the slow rivers flow to our cold sea, a man may still sense and live something of the life of the older England which was uninhibited, free and natural.”
Alan Savory, Norfolk Poacher.

My work has been published in national newspapers and magazines such as Coast magazine, The Daily Mail, The Daily Telegraph and in local newspapers and magazines.

A selection of my prints can be seen and purchased at

Olives, Elm Hill. Norwich.

The Big Blue Sky, Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk.

The Fox and Hounds, Heacham.